What We Believe


 Daring to Embody the   Gospel 

  • We are a faith community worshiping God through Word and   Sacrament.
  • Trusting in God, we embrace the challenge to move from fear to   faith to action.
  • United in Jesus Christ, we value, affirm, and invite   diversity in our midst.
  • We sow the seeds of God’s mercy and love in our   ever-widening community.


 Embodying the Gospel we strive to: 

  • Serve our community.
  • Grow spiritually.
  • Challenge complacency.
  • Refresh and renew our tradition of Faith.


  Spiritual Growth:

We  support people of every age and background as we strive to understand and   apply our faith through worship, Word and Sacrament, Bible study, and service. 

Building Relationships:

We strive to connect and engage people   of all ages. We learn about each other and build connections by worshiping   and participating together in the life of the church.  

Diversity &   Hospitality:   We warmly welcome all people regardless of age, ethnicity,   sexual orientation, social/economic status, belief, and background. We are   accepting of differences, creative thinking, and constructive discussion. 



We strive to serve the needs of others in our congregation and in   our community. We foster awareness in changing circumstances and needs and   respond in a timely and meaningful way. We champion justice and compassion   through our responses in words and in actions.  

Care of God's Creation:

We care for ourselves and each other. We are caretakers living in harmony   working to nurture, restore, and protect God's creation.

Team Ministry

 Equality &   Partnership:

As both lay and clergy, we are called to function as equals in   ministry, seeking to support and encourage each other in a spirit of   cooperation, striving to reach consensus.  


We foster  participation and leadership in the congregation as we collaboratively   design and create our ministry, programs, and worship services.  

Shared   Responsibility:

We respect and care for each other and all God's creation.   We manage our church's finances, property, and resources responsibly in   accordance with our understanding of God's will. 


Value All Gifts &  Contributions:

We recognize and appreciate that each person contributes   his/her unique skills, interests, gifts, spirituality, and financial   capabilities to the mission and life of the congregation. Reconciling in   Christ. The Reconciling in Christ (RIC) Program of is a program of   ReconcilingWorks for congregations, synods, colleges, seminaries, and other   Lutheran organizations. RIC recognizes Lutheran communities that publicly   welcome lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender believers to action. United   in Jesus Christ, we value, affirm, and invite diversity in our midst. We sow   the seeds of God's mercy and love in our ever-widening community.